Extracurricular Activities
CIS offers a range of extracurricular activities to meet varied interests and needs of the students and to give them a square perspective. Some of the activities are as follows :
  • Basketball : Focus on rules and basic skills like ball-holding, dribbling, fakes & feints and footwork.
  • Table Tennis : Use of arm muscles and reflexes are highlights alongside basic technique plus hand-eye coordination.
  • Football : The coaching focuses on developing basic skills like trapping, passing, shooting and screening.
  • Cricket : Again, the focus is on basic skills of fielding, batting, bowling, running between the wickets and wicket-keeping.
  • Computational Logic and Game Programming: Students of classes 3 & above learn the art of Computer programming by making computer games & animation movies using Scratch & Alice.
  • Robotics: The program introduces students of class 3 & above to computer programming & making of Robots using Lego Wedo & Lego Mindstorm.
  • Japanese : The language is taught right from the basics with stress on both written and spoken abilities. The objective is to develop basic conversation and writing skills (Hiragana and Katakana) and the ability to read simple sentences besides creating an awareness about Japan.
  • Photography : Children are taught how to use a camera effectively. They are trained to balance a composition, use perspective and compose a photograph, besides processing techniques.
  • Chess : The course helps children understand the game and teaches them the moves & capturing techniques. Check, Checkmate & Stalemate, Castling & rules of castling & problems are taught.
  • Taekwondo : Students are taught the 10 different Taekwondo techniques. Depending on the progress, a student can appear for the 'belt' qualifying exams.
  • Lawn Tennis : CIS has a tie-up with the Bengal Tennis Association. BTA also provides a strict, vigorous training programme for the advanced-level players, with special stress on physical conditioning.
  • Golf : CIS has tie-ups with RCGC and Tollygunge Club for weekend classes under expert guidance.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme : This international award for young people is available to our students aged 14 and above. The award scheme has four sections -- Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey.
  • Contemporary Creative Dance : Students are introduced to nuances of both Western and Eastern contemporary trends. They also learn basics of jazz, body techniques, Indian classical, yoga, Indian martial arts, Western folk & ballroom techniques.
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